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North America has seen a rapid rise in shale gas production, resulting in corresponding profit margin improvement for the gas-advantaged petrochemicals and polymers production.

Producers in this market have reacted by adding capacities through expansions and building grassroots’ facilities.

For over 45 years, IES has established an admirable track-record in the successful execution of fast-track projects in a cost-effective, safe and timely manner.  We have experience and specialized knowledge in solutions required to execute even the most complicated petrochemical and polymer projects.

Our experience covers olefins, poly-olefins, acetyls, polycarbonate, acrylates, aromatics, chlor-alkali and derivatives, synthetic rubber and a wide variety of thermoplastic elastomers.

In polymer, we offer comprehensive services in monomer purification, polymerization, extrusion and compounding, solids handling and conveying, product packaging, storage and load out. 

Building on our extensive petrochemical and polymer experience, we are able to provide unmatched value to you, our client, in every phase of your project. We start with a good understanding of your market goals and interests and work with you to choose and tailor the optimal solution for your projects. 

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