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The LNG market, particularly in the U.S., has taken center stage due to its vast abundance, economical sustainability, international reach, and more importantly, its minimal impact to the environment. LNG transforms into energy that is cleaner than any other hydrocarbon.

Those focused on the LNG market and looking to capitalize on the commercial viability of this commodity are faced with the challenge of finding an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor to partner with in the development of their projects – a partner with proven, well-rounded breadth of expertise in all aspects of LNG.

IHI is the only company in the world that has proven EPC expertise for each section of the LNG value chain, and IES is proud to be an integral and critical part of this enterprise. Our solution offerings extend from gas processing and liquefaction to regasification to power plants, product refinement and everything in between – LNG import and export terminals, cyrogenic  storage tank technology, LNG carriers, offshore platforms and even IHI manufactured equipment – our expertise in LNG, along with that of our parent company, is truly unique.

We are a one-stop, total solutions provider for your LNG ventures. We can guide you from the beginning (feasibility study or FERC filings all the way through how you envision your commodity being used. Together, we will develop a roadmap to deliver the best possible solution based on your vision, minimizing your risks and helping you realize your return on investment.

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