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With the drive for carbon neutrality to combat global climate change and improve quality of life, the need for clean fuels has also increased. IHI stands at the forefront of the production and use of blue and green fuel ammonia, blue and green hydrogen, and bio fuels.

Clean fuels will play a major role in the drive towards carbon neutrality. IHI is the recognized global leader in the production and use of a wide variety of technologies that produce or use these fuels.

IHI is the recognized global leader on the ammonia value chain, focusing on the creation, transportation, and use of fuel ammonia across a wide range of industries from power generation to maritime.  A recently awarded demonstration project where ammonia will be co-combusted with coal in a 1,000 MW super-critical power plant and our 2 MW gas turbine capable of burning 100% ammonia are just a few examples of the leading-edge efforts.

Beyond ammonia, IHI has experience in large green and blue hydrogen projects both in the US and abroad, as well as expertise in biomass conversion into sustainable diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, methanol and ethanol.

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